Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Arm's Length Standard

Deloitte has published its latest edition of the "Arm's Length Standard" with the following topics:
  • OECD Releases Draft Handbook on Transfer Pricing Risk Assessment
  • OECD’s Draft Handbook on Transfer Pricing Risk Assessment Examined from Canadian Perspective
  • Italy Releases Second Report on APA Program
  • Peru Issues Guidance on Transfer Pricing Documentation Requirements
  • Indonesia Issues New Regulation on Transfer Pricing Audits
For those of you who do not know what the "Arm's Length Standard" published by Deloitte is, find a little description from their website below:

"Arm's Length Standard
 is a bi-monthly transfer pricing newsletter designed to keep senior tax executives updated on transfer pricing developments around the world, featuring news and analyses from the transfer pricing professionals in Deloitte member firms."

The publication is a great way to stay up to date. Find the June/July 2013 edition here

If you have any comments, concerns or questions let's discuss them in the comment section below. Happy reading

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  1. Kunjungan pertama nih, Terimakasih banyak atas beritanya.



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